Ensuring Our Health Future

With the partnership of SEARAC (Southeast Asia Resource Center), Stone Soup recently held presentations on the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act. Parents from Play Group, the Early Learning Academy, Parent Leadership and Strong Families were given an introduction to the basics of the health care act.

Signed in March 2010 by President Obama, the health care act focuses on the areas of quality healthcare, patient protection, access and affordability. These are important starting points to ensuring that communities throughout the nation will receive better holistic healthcare services.

Quality Care:

The implementation of policies and programs will focus on ensuring families and individuals receive quality care. This includes federal investment into community health centers, workforce expansion to areas in need and greater coverage of preventative care services.

Patient Protection:

From elimination of rescissions to enforcing fair coverage, federal regulations are being created and implemented to protect consumers.

Access and Affordability:

Medicaid’s qualifications are being expanded to include 33% more families, including those 64 years and younger. Those making a gross income greater than 133% will receive subsidies and tax credits to help make affording health insurance possible.  These are a few of the many steps being taken to allow access to affordable health care for everyone.

Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan:

You can enroll your loved ones now! Single individuals and individuals with dependents who’ve been denied health insurance, been without health insurance for the past 6 months and have a pre-existing condition can now enroll for the federally funded insurance plan. You can check it out at www.healthcare.gov or www.mrmib.ca.gov.

By 2014, all individuals will be required to have health insurance. Until then, communities must be educated and aware of the changes already taking place and be active participants in the changes that are going to take place. Becoming a part of these changes is necessary to making sure that our families and community members’ needs are addressed in all policies and programs of the health care act. Stone Soup will be creating future opportunities for families to be educated and active in ensuring their healthy future so stay tuned!

For more information, contact alice@stonesoupfresno.org

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