Culture & Connection

Stone Soup is a trusted resource to our refugee families as well as a broader community seeking to embrace its diverse residents. From local families to organizations looking to improve cross-cultural relationships, we remain committed to keeping aware of real and current needs. The resulting wish lists are the basis for building and improving our powerful programs – all of which keep culture as a central component.


Stone Soup’s Hmong Cultural Academy meets for six weeks during the summer and serves some 150 youth from kindergarten through high school with a cultural affirmation that builds confidence, encourages individual strengths, and inspires participation and achievement.

“There was so much enthusiasm and positive energy radiating from all the students … that to this day, we are still feeling the energy.”

Young people feeling caught between two cultures find peers and mentors who help to establish a balanced view of identity. Together, they become a bridge that builds the richness and beauty of one culture into another for even greater strength.


Southeast Asian families maintain a solid identity with deeply held values and traditions. This is a resilient culture that has many times transcended geographic transitions and boundaries. Thanks to activities and programs for all ages, we are uniting families in common goals — encouraging generations to learn from one another. Parents and grandparents learn from children of all ages. And children likewise learn respected traditions that they will pass to their future families.

Music and instruments. Storytelling and quilts. Gardening and cultivation. Time-honored traditions are good for the souls of all ages. As they are shared and extended, young and elder alike find fulfillment.


With meetings, culture classes and workshops, Stone Soup has become a valuable hub of resourceful support. One of our most popular instructors is known throughout the nation and world for his ability to bring people of all ages together with knowledge and understanding. Bee Yang’s cultural insight and storytelling connect audiences with a bigger, deeper picture.  In addition to Bee’s ongoing courses for some 50 students each year, Stone Soup is host to many Hmong groups, such as the Hmong American Writers’ Circle, who are great assets to the broader community as well as to our neighbors and families.


Bridging cultures, participants and staff are seeking and building relationships with various organizations. From Rotary to private business to universities and colleges, we are making connections for clarity and collaboration that unite us all in contributing for the greater good.


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Bee Yang

For his energizing involvement in our programs from the start. Read his story here, and see his many popular presentations on YouTube.