Early Education

With abundant exploration, rich culture and vital language learning, our early education is opening up an expansive world of opportunity. Smoothing the way for parents and children, programs help families sort through the mysteries of American education with powerful results: children prepared for school, learning and excelling; parents and grandparents understanding, supporting and teaching at home; people finding purpose and contributing with great satisfaction to their new communities.


The beliefs of the Hmong are a dramatic departure from the ideologies of Western education. Hmong parents traditionally allow formal teachers to take on the full role, while they remain separated from the educational development of their own children. Yet the high expectations and demand for hard work is the same. Because traditional parents believe children can’t begin learning until school age, these youngsters might begin far behind the curve if not for our programs that truly bring parents alongside their children in the learning process.


At Stone Soup, PlayGroup opens up a world of exciting possibilities for both toddlers and parents. We focus on developmental milestones, getting parents actively involved in understanding and encouraging each child’s growth in these skills and readying families for the more formal education to come. Emotionally, socially and cognitively. Parents learn the value of play and help to build early literacy through songs, rhymes and storytelling. Required participation by parents at these earliest stages helps to counter cultural misconceptions while encouraging the capabilities of all family members in a whole new context of learning.


Art. Music. Games. Urban gardens and field trips to explore the natural world. Our preschool has become known for abundant exploration, a rich balance of cultures, a great deal of parent involvement, and a strong record of readiness for our children in all developmental domains. Parents tell us these are the reasons they bring their children to Stone Soup instead of the many other options available. And they are telling others as well. Word of mouth continues to increase our numbers and sometimes even our waiting lists. What began almost two decades ago as an alternative to vulnerable youth has become so much more.

“My son’s kindergarten teacher was very impressed with his skills and asked where he attended preschool.”

We measure our success not only in the growth of our program and the readiness of our children, but also in our ability to respond to parents. Always looking for their involvement. Actively seeking the valuable input that successfully shapes our programs. Parents have articulated self-confidence and cultural identity as priorities in their children’s education. Beyond playgroups and preschool, we also provide enrichment through afterschool activities and our summer cultural academy that becomes an extra boost. Volunteers and teachers also play a dynamic role in the lives of these youngsters, with mentor friendships extending even into adulthood.


We’ve been given the priceless gift of trust by the families who provide us with a mutual education in the richness of their culture. Parent involvement at home and on campus brings a great dimension to young learners. Likewise, we are able to nurture the role of mom and dad, and even grandparents and aunts or uncles, as true partners in the education process. Participation encourages parents, showing them they are capable and encouraging their part at home in teaching language and culture.


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