Health & Solace

While the considerations of sharply contrasting practices and deeply held spiritual beliefs might seem insurmountable, Stone Soup Fresno’s programs are unifying people and principles while overcoming obstacles. Responding to needs of body, mind and soul with our integrated programs, we are affirming as well as informing. We are replacing fear with understanding, caution with confidence, physical and emotional illness with hope and good health.


Fear of the unfamiliar, concern about children, worry over safety and security. These are common contributors to declining health with resettled families like ours. While the youngest members acquire understanding through school, parents and grandparents are now also capturing a better vision of how they fit into the bigger picture through a range of activities and programs. Workshops to unravel the mysteries of a new country and system. Counseling to clarify and equip. Gardening, music, storytelling and more to keep and extend the culture they have brought. And with the increased level of comfort overall comes a much more peaceful mindset that leads to better health.

“It’s all about changing the way we view things, because the way we see impacts the way we feel.”

When it comes to health, the ways of East and West can be sharply contrasted. Yet a considerate and effective blending of methods is actually becoming much more widespread. We are finding points in common and applying principles with respect. We are removing barriers by increasing understanding and opening lines of communication. And we are helping to nurture valuable, accepting relationships among providers and patients.


Elder generations sustain their identity in the values of a culture that might appear threatened in a new geography. At Stone Soup, we know they are the source of great tradition and respect. Such capacity is further affirmed to parents and grandparents alike as they participate in our early education programs and understand just how great is their role to be a teacher of culture and language at home. At the same time, they often begin to learn English from the little ones who are bringing their newfound knowledge home each day. This exchange within families is one of our most important tools for progress.


We are grateful for so many partners throughout the community who seek mutual understanding of cultures. When it comes to healthcare practitioners, we are especially eager to inform and help break down barriers on both sides. From the front office to the physician, we work to expand insight and understanding with practical knowledge for the shared benefits of healing and good health.



Workshops providing perspective and practical tools.


Honoring Veterans

Stone Soup Fresno honors the Hmong history of heroism and service during the Vietnam War while celebrating the many assets Hmong refugees of all ages bring to our community.

Dr. Song Lee

For gifts of time and talent to support health and solace for the elder community. See Dr. Lee’s story.