Bee Yang

He is known to young and elder alike for his humor and storytelling. Bee Yang’s reach is across the globe, and his impact opens doors across cultures, generations and genders as he warmly connects with audiences to offer a bigger, deeper picture.

As a young college student attending Fresno State, Bee volunteered at Stone Soup to teach Hmong children about their culture, language, arts and customs – and helped to organize our very first language literacy classes. Now on the faculty of his alma mater, he is still engaging and entertaining students of many ages through courses at Stone Soup that have also found an enthusiastic following on the Internet. One young woman viewed him on YouTube and flew all the way from Wisconsin to participate. And in Northern China, Bee is conducting a study of the Hmong in that country while touring and learning history at the invitation of university scholars there. Always creating greater understanding and even excitement through learning, his dream is to see the creation of a Hmong cultural institute at Stone Soup Fresno.