MaiKa Yang

Our own ‘home-grown’ leader entered the scene as an energetic young first-grader so many meaningful years and lessons and volunteer sessions ago.

MaiKa Yang was six years old when she first came to America and Stone Soup. This was a young girl who would catch on to English quickly and remain focused on learning and pleasing her parents by excelling in education – as well as making strong friendships along the way. Born in Laos, she is grounded in the pride of how her family fought so bravely for peace. It is a journey that parallels the determined path of Stone Soup, and MaiKa is eager to carry the momentum of successful programs
and people forward with her talent and vision.

Inspired by her participation in youth leadership, MaiKa broke from cultural tradition and moved away to Davis for college. Six years ago she came back with degree in hand despite ‘bigger’ offers and put her passion and strategic experience to work in fund and program development. Joining with a friend, she also launched a group for young Hmong women (SHE – Sisters of Hmong Empowerment) to extend the realization of possibilities. For these participants and many others, MaiKa helps to transform lives with a compassion and confidence that drive her each day to bring others alongside as fully engaged American citizens.