Vicky Xiong

Riches that cannot be bought with money – this is how Vicky Xiong describes what she and her family have received from their involvement with Stone Soup. An elementary educator who teaches Hmong literacy in Stone Soup’s Cultural Academy, Vicky sees the positive energy that continues in the hearts and minds of students who can’t wait to return.

The Academy has changed lives with the highest sense of self-esteem and pride in culture that she has ever seen. The program helped her son Joshua, then 12, to embrace his cultural identity after meeting Hmong college students who encouraged and inspired him at a difficult juncture. Josh learned to read and write the language in six weeks, developed confidence and strong leadership skills, and came to love being Hmong. Brandon and Rachel Xiong also thrived in the program, coming back for a second summer. With the rewards she experienced as a teacher, Vicky is just as eager as her children and students to return.